CBD Marketing & Development


Doc Patels offers marketing and branding solutions that are catered towards a successful CBD business. Whether you're a wholesale partner, a white label partner, or a part of our healthcare professionals program, we are available to help you develop, strategize and implement a successful marketing and branding strategy. Our team consists of CBD experts, health professionals, and a CBD marketing team with years of experience implementing successful marketing strategies. We understand the nuances involved in the CBD industry, and we make sure you invest your resources in the right places.

Brand Development

Your brand is more than just a logo. Your logo represents you and your brand's identity. When you partner Doc Patels, you’ll gain access to a team of branding and marketing designers who are dedicated and passionate about making your vision a reality. We work with you to make sure every box, package, and product is indicative of who you are and what your mission is as a CBD company.

Paid Media

Our team of advertising specialists have experience working in the unregulated world of CBD. We have experience building successful advertising campaigns and implementing a strategy for your business to gain exposure, educate your audience about CBD and the benefits it can provide, and increase traffic to your website through optimized landing pages made to ensure conversions.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing service gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience and receive your return on investment (ROI) and run a successful CBD company. Whether you are new to the CBD market or you’ve been in it for a while, now is the best time to guarantee your capture and nurture your leads through the proper marketing funnels.

Web Design

The CBD market is growing and becoming more competitive by the day. In order to stand out, you’ll need an SEO- and user-friendly website. Our design team finds a way to represent your brand and values while taking your CBD business to the next level simply by enriching the experience on your website.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Having a successful CBD business means also having a properly implemented SEO strategy. By building a strong SEO foundation both on and off-site, you’ll be more recognized online and more likely to be discovered both locally and globally.

Social Media

Our social media specialists build and implement strategies to grow social following, promote wellness, and educate your audience about CBD. Our team of experts uses proven methods of content marketing to push your business in the direction it needs to go. Having a properly formulated social media strategy is a great way to build trust and show transparency within your brand.

Custom CBD Logo Design

We will develop a creative and powerful logo design that represents your brand's mission and vision. Whether you have ideas of your own or you are at the beginning stages, we are able to work with you every step of the way to make your vision a reality.

Custom CBD Package Design

While the logo is essential, the packaging holds great value once it is in the hands of the consumer. Our team will provide insight to ensure your packaging and labels are compliant with all regulations, while also ensuring your customer has a positive experience with your product from start to finish.

CBD marketing is the most essential tool to increase your brands online presence. Having the right CBD marketing strategy sets you apart from your competitors and helps increase website traffic and brand loyalty you need in such a crowded and competitive industry. Learn more about CBD marketing today by getting in touch with our experts. We are more than happy to share any advice you may need!

Join Our Private/White Label Program

At Doc Patels, you will gain access to premium-grade CBD products that are Curated By Doctors to ensure what you supply your customers is safe & effective. Partnering with us gives you the ability to take advantage of our label design and packaging services to create your vision & set your business up for success.