Doc Patels Process To Creating High-Quality 0.00% THC CBD

Step 1: Premium Quality Farming

Every product that is curated by doctors begins on the soil in Colorado, which is produced safely, with high-efficiency and scale.

Our farmers in Colorado operate under compliance and safety guidelines to enrich the quality of our organic strains while always making sure our products are safe and follow regulations to ensure their effectiveness and potency.

Step 2: Raw Hemp Processing

The industrial hemp is accepted in different forms such as finely ground, shucked, or in sticks/stems.

Step 3: Extraction

Our unique patented process results in CBD oil that contains zero THC which allows for high CBD concentrations and potency.

Step 4: Process Testing

Throughout the extraction process, we use production samples to ensure the product receives quality purity, efficacy, and concentration while following specifications and guidelines. We also use in-house HPLC’s that allows for comprehensive analysis that gives us the ability to reach specific specification. HPLC or high-performance liquid chromatography is used to separate certain compounds to purify desired individual components of the CBD products.

Before we finalize our CBD products, we go through ISO-certified third-party lab testing ensuring all products are consistent and contain no heavy metals, no residual solvents, and no pesticides.

Our CBD products are 0.00% THC and ensure high potency and quality which provide better results. At Doc Patels, you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality CBD products.

Our Customers

"I am fairly knowledgeable about my cervical arthritis issues and I was impressed that Dr. Patel steered me toward a medical cannabinoids product that contains almost no THC. She spent time explaining that I needed a calming effect on my nervous system which CBD provides. In only two weeks I have felt much less anxiety that accompanied my dizziness and can handle my headaches much better. I am in my 60's and feel Dr. Patel is a good resource to deal with pains that accompany an aging body. Todays cannabinoids products are very diverse and Dr. Patel can help you navigate the right product for you."


Cheril F.