The Doc Patels Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the world on the CBD industry and its benefits by providing complete transparency with premium quality CBD products you can feel confident in.  

Who are we?

Doc Patels uses a patented process to create CBD Full Spectrum THC-Free products. Our products are premium quality made affordable for your health and wellness. Headquartered in Chicago, we are committed to providing you with a product and brand you can trust.

Our hemp is grown in Colorado and used to extract CBD to create the highest quality products such as oils and capsules. Doc Patels CBD contains no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, fertilizers, or chemicals. We ensure all our products are lab tested making it safe and legal.

What is in Doc Patels CBD Oil?

What you'll find in our CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in hemp. While you can find THC in hemp we have a patented process to create Full-Spectrum CBD products that are THC free which means that it contains no psychoactive compounds that are often found in cannabis.

At Doc Patels, we offer CBD that is grown and harvested in Colorado. Once the hemp is harvested the extraction process takes place. Following extraction testing is conducted to ensure safety and quality resulting in legal CBD oil which is infused in Doc Patels products.

Why should you buy from Doc Patels?

Our products are all Curated By Doctors. We offer hand-selected and high-quality products you can feel confident in. Our products are made with rich CBD hemp oil made affordable for you.

We offer Broad Spectrum 0.00% THC CBD products. Our products contain no pesticides, chemicals, or psychoactive compounds making it safe for you to use.

We provide a free and simple online shopping process. You can simply shop online for the products you need and get it delivered right to your door with free shipping and no minimum payment required.