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CBD Third-Party Lab Tests

Check the bottom of your CBD product to find the batch number. Once you find this number, use the search function below to find the lab test results to your product. Our lab results include information about the date of manufacture and its attributes (such as consistency and color, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, fungus, bacteria, solvents and more). If you have any questions about our lab test results or how to better understand them, please feel free to contact us!

Search by batch or certificate ID number:
Type in the number as you see it on the bottom of the package.

For example: 19_758 or 76466

500mg Natural: B019_10

500mg Orange: 019_910

500mg Mint: B019_3

1000mg Natural: B019_6

1000mg Orange: 019_913

1000mg Mint: B019_4

1500mg Mint: 76413

1500mg Natural: 76414

1500mg Orange: 76412300160

500mg Cream: 76466

200mg Cream: 76467

300mg CBD Softgels: 76439

750mg CBD Melatonin Softgels: GC/Mel/CHAM19-04, 21130

1500mg CBD Softgels: 76438-LD

750mg Turmeric Softgels: GC/C3219-05

200mg Muscle Gel: 76476

100mg Oil Roller: 019_933

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