What to look for in a white label CBDpartner

What to Look for in a CBD White Label Partner

You have many options to choose from when you are looking for the best CBD white label partner for your company. We have compiled a few factors to take into consideration before jumping into partnership with just any CBD company.

What is White Labeling?

White Labeling (also referred to as Private Labeling) is when a company provides services or products to be rebranded and sold under another company to its consumers. Before you decide to white label CBD products to sell as your own, let’s take a deep dive into a few things we would recommend before you do so.

How Does White Labeling Work?

White Labeling CBD should be seamless when you partner with the right company. At Doc Patels, we have a quick and easy application process. Once you are approved, you can place your order for the products you choose to sell. Then, if it fits your business needs, we work with you to design a custom logo and packaging.

Ask the following questions when choosing a CBD white label partner:

1. Do they provide high-quality products?

It is absolutely essential to ask for third-party lab test results to verifying the safety, quality, and consistency of the products.

Questions you should ask:

  • Where is their hemp grown?
  • Do they have 0.00% THC CBD Products?
  • Is the CBD amount +/- 20% of what’s shown on the lab results?
  • Do they test the products for fungus and bacteria?
  • Do they test the products for heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury?

At Doc Patels, 100% of our hemp is grown in Colorado, where our team of healthcare professionals perform tests before, during, and after extraction to ensure safety, quality, and consistency. Additionally, all of our CBD products contain 0.00% THC, and we provide third party test results for fungus, bacteria, and heavy metals.

2. Do they have a variety of products and customization options?

Choose a CBD white label company that is able to provide a variety of customizable products. For instance, if you want CBD white label gummies, does the company offer gummies in different popular flavors and potencies? Depending on what your business goals are, you’d want a CBD white label company gives you choices.

It’s also important to inquire about any marketing services they can provide. If you are just launching your CBD online store or CBD retail business and you don’t have a packaging design or a logo in mind, it would be to your benefit to have a partner that provides CBD custom logo design and CBD custom packaging design.

Additional CBD marketing materials to benefit your business:

  • Brochures
  • Product samples
  • Product Displays
  • Information videos
  • Social media content

3. Do they offer fair and logical pricing?

Taking your business goals into account, you should access product price point in relation to your target audience. In other words, can you target market afford what you’re selling? Get into the minds of your consumers to understand what they want and need when it comes to buying CBD.

You will see the difference in pricing when comparing the different formulations of CBD. The higher the CBD level in any specific product, the higher the price point. Customers are ultimately looking for CBD products that are affordable and effective, so the most successful levels of CBD are those between 500mg and 1500mg per container.

4. Do they have experience? Is their business successful?

Choose a white label partner that can be your go-to for any and all questions you have about creating a successful CBD business. The CBD industry is very competitive, so you want to partner with a company that knows exactly what they are doing and will work with you create that same success for your business.

We also recommend finding a partner that has the same ideals you stand for. You should look at their mission statement and branding to assure it aligns cohesively with yours.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How are the products displayed?
  • Are products sold separately or in a packaged box?
  • Do they use good quality products?
  • Is the messaging on the package clear?
  • Will it also appeal to the customers you are targeting?

5. Do they provide great service?

This might seem like a no brainer, but great service can mean getting the products you ordered in a timely matter and being able to communicate with someone if you have any issues or questions. If the CBD distributor has poor service, you may expect everything else not to held at a high standard. Always pick a CBD white label partner with excellent service so you can rest assured in your partnership.

Now that you’re an expert in picking the best CBD white label company, you have everything you need to go shopping and find a partner that fits best with your business goals and principles. If you need additional information pertaining to white labeling CBD oil or any other CBD products, feel free to reach out to the Doc Patels team and we’ll be happy to get you everything you need!

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