Finding the Right CBD Affiliate Partnership

What to Look for in a CBD Affiliate Partnership

The CBD Industry Is Growing

With the CBD industry growing, it’s important to understand how it’s growing and in which ways it can impact your life. Since the legalization of hemp-derived products, you are now able to simply go online and purchase CBD, or you might have even seen it popping up in your local gas stations and grocery stores.

What is a CBD Affiliate Program?

With the emerging CBD industry, you have probably come across a CBD affiliate program. A CBD affiliate program is designed to offer you a risk-free way to earn extra income by simply referring those in your network: friends, family, or your social media following.

When you are doing research to partner with a CBD company, there are a few key factors you want to look out for before making the partnership final.

1. Are they trustworthy and transparent?

By partnering with a CBD company, you’re essentially portraying to your friends, family, and following is that you completely trust what the CBD company is selling. Obviously we wouldn’t want to recommend a service or product that we wouldn’t use or take ourselves. There are a few ways you know you are partnering with a trustworthy CBD company.

  • You want to be able to recommend safe products. Product safety can be measured by the use of organic growing practices and are proven through third-party lab tests passing all microbiological, mycotoxin, pesticide, and solvent residue tests.
  • Product effectiveness is also important. CBD’s claim to fame is providing various health benefits, and it’s important that the products you’re recommending contain the amount of CBD that is shown on the label. The lab results should reflect +/- 20% of the CBD that is claimed.
  • If you’re recommending CBD products to your network, more often than not, they’re searching for CBD products that don’t contain any traces of THC. Products that contain THC are referred to as Full Spectrum and can show up in drug tests.

Look at the CBD companies’ third-party lab results and see if they’re transparent and if they have third-party lab tests for every single batch of CBD. If they aren’t providing test results for safety, consistency, and quality, we suggest finding one that does before considering a partnership.

At Doc Patels, we have every single one of our CBD products tested for safety, consistency, and quality. You can find all of our third-party readily available on our online CBD store. Please contact us if you need help answering any of your questions about the lab results. In these third-party lab tests, you’ll also find that all of our products are Broad Spectrum, containing 0.00% THC!

2. Do they offer competitive commission?

Whether you have a large social media following or you simply want to earn a little bit of extra cash by referring friends and family, it’s important to know how much commission you’ll be earning by doing so. Comparing commission pricing ensures that you get paid for the work you’re doing to refer more customers.

At Doc Patels, you’re earning potential is limitless, and we offer competitive commission starting at 10%. In addition, for every brand ambassador you refer, you’ll receive and additional 3% on every sale they make as well!

3. Are they experienced & available when you have questions?

You want to partner with a CBD affiliate that has experience and is willing to help with any questions you have. No matter if you have questions about the onboarding process, how you can start earning money, or simple questions about their CBD products, you always want an attentive partner that is invested in your success.

Additionally, if you’re interested in understanding the world of CBD, look for a partner that provides access to educational videos or material that will help you when you’re recommending these CBD products to others. After all, you’d want to be informed if your friends, family, or following have questions about CBD, right?

At Doc Patels, we are as experienced as it comes. We have a full-service team of healthcare professionals that consists of 30 engineers, scientists (including 8PH.D’s, 2 MD’s, 2 MA’s), a Psychiatrist, and a Dentist readily available to help answer your questions. We also have a CBD marketing team that is able to help you market yourself and provide advice for marketing our CBD on your social platforms. We have all the materials you need for you to earn an extra income and feel good about sharing the benefits of CBD with a company you can trust.

For those of you who are healthcare professionals and you’re getting patients asking about CBD but you’re not so sure who to turn to, there is a program out there just for you! It is CBD for Healthcare Professionals, where we offer you a chance to partner with a CBD company you can rely on for offering your patients trusted CBD. In addition, you get exclusive access to a group of CBD experts and healthcare professionals, just like yourself, that are ready to educate you on this rapidly growing industry of CBD.

Connect With Doc Patels

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner or you are healthcare professional looking for more information connect with us today!

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