What is the right CBD Dosage For You?

What is the right CBD Dosage For You?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Mar 2nd 2020

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Question: Can you review CBD dosing guidelines for different conditions, ie anxiety versus chronic pain versus epilepsy?

Answer: Okay so here's the thing, general dosing guidelines are typically difficult because dosing varies so highly from patient to patient.

Let me walk you through an example. I had two patients with insomnia, they were otherwise healthy, the only issue that they were having was difficulty sleeping. And they were of similar body shape and body size and I recommended the same high CBD products to them because they were experiencing mild to moderate insomnia and one patient needed 0.5 milligrams to sleep better, and then the other patient needed 50 milligrams to sleep better. So you can see that variation in dose even in two people who were just struggling with insomnia. They were otherwise of similar body size and similar body shape.

Typically what I would tell you is that you want to go through a titration process essentially. You start with a baseline and you increase very gradually but you want to keep track of all this in a very methodical way to come up with an end total dose that's right for you. Some even with the same conditions as I just mentioned the dosing can vary highly but even when it comes to the severity of the condition itself the dosing can vary highly as well. Plus there are other factors that come into play like the machinery in your liver that breaks down these cannabinoids, you know how quickly they are breaking down the cannabinoids or how slowly they are breaking down the cannabinoids.

The other factor that comes into play being that cannabinoids like CBD and THC are fat-soluble, how well or not well you hold on to fats has a lot to do with it as well. At Doc Patels we do offer consultations they're $25 a consult, that amount gets applied towards the purchase of any products and at this moment at this point in time you're going to consult with me, Dr. Rachna Patel. So I'm happy to walk you through dosing in your particular situation. So go ahead and visit Doc Patels for more information on booking a CBD consultation.

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