What CBD Product Is Best For High Blood Pressure?

What CBD Product Is Best For High Blood Pressure?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Apr 22nd 2020

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Question: Dr. Patel, what CBD product of yours would you advise me to take control of my high blood pressure? I'm a veteran who believes in using what Mother Nature has provided for us, marijuana being one of them. I'm not big on prescription medication, so what would you recommend I try?

Answer: My recommendation is to stick with the prescription medications when it comes to treating your high blood pressure. And I'm telling you this based on the experience that I've had treating thousands of patients. So I've had patients come in for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and a lot of them happen to have high blood pressure. And when these patients took CBD products, high CBD products, over a long period of time, you know what ended up happening? It did not affect their high blood pressure. Over that period of time they had to continue to stay on their prescription medications to manage their high blood pressure. So that's evidence in and of itself that high CBD product taken over a long period of time does not help to manage high blood pressure. So my friend, stick to your prescription medication, and overall the point is that CBD is a medication just like other medication. It's by no means a cure-all and so for certain conditions, conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, it's a far better treatment option in my personal opinion than prescription medications. However, for other conditions such as high blood pressure, you do want to stick to your prescription medications because prescription medications are a better treatment option than CBD product.