Should you stop CBD before a colonoscopy or surgery?

Should you stop CBD before a colonoscopy or surgery?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Feb 24th 2020

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Question: Do you recommend stopping CBD before a colonoscopy?

Answer: Yes, I do okay, and here's the reason why. There is some evidence that shows that you may need to during a colonoscopy they do use anesthesia it's nothing like they use if you're in the operating room at a hospital. I would say it's lighter anesthesia but they do use anesthesia to put you under to a certain extent. It's propofol that is typically used and there is data that shows that you may end up needing higher levels of anesthesia when you're taking cannabinoids. So, about four to six weeks prior to any surgical procedure you want to stop using any sort of cannabinoids whether it's CBD or THC okay? So that's that's what I typically recommend to my patients.

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