Is CBD Safe For Children?

Is CBD Safe For Children?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Mar 4th 2020

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Question: I'm about to start using CBD for anxiety. I kind of feel lost doing so, but I'm curious what the aid suggestions would be. My twins are almost 2 and I am NOT pushing to try this but I've seen a two-year-old mentioned in another post so I'm curious.

Answer: So when it comes to CBD and safety a lot of this is based on research on a prescription version of CBD that was FDA approved back in the summer of 2018. It's known as Epidiolex. And basically what they did was they did research in children with epilepsy using this medication, which was just CBD a pharmaceutical version of CBD. Overall, based on their research, they found that it's generally regarded as safe in children the ages of two years and above. So that's what I would tell you in terms of safety when it comes to age.

Now when it comes to anxiety itself in children, I've treated plenty of children, especially children with autism who tend to struggle a lot with anxiety. And a lot of these parents have noticed that for these children it does help them to be calmer and more relaxed, and specifically with autism, oftentimes they have less manifestation of aggressive behavior.

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