How to market your CBD Business

How to Market Your CBD Business

When you are looking for tips on the best ways to market your CBD business, the way you approach it will most likely be different than other business models. The CBD industry is still fairly unregulated, and until the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, we’ve seen ease of restrictions, like using different merchants to process payments and other platforms (ie. Shopify) to run your e-commerce CBD business.

Today, there are 47 states that allow different forms of CBD sales, and this is changing day by day. As previously mentioned, the legalization of hemp in December 2018 made way for what the CBD industry is today and where it will go in the future.

Now that hemp is legal and CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant, it’s no wonder that people are wondering how to market a CBD business in a sector that isn’t regulated. When it comes to marketing however, many platforms such as Google, Facebook, and others have their own rules and regulations. Here are a few things you need to know in order to stay ahead of the competition and successfully market your CBD business.

1. Drive CBD Marketing with Content

There is a wrong way and a right way to use content marketing to drive your CBD business. It is important to provide your audience with authentic content they can easily read and use. Many people are still undereducated on CBD and are looking for answers to questions like What are the benefits of using CBD? or Does CBD work for pain?

It is important to provide relevant, authentic content that is creative and will stimulate profitable customer action. So, one approach you can take is educating your customers on CBD oils and providing content on how it can work for them. Everyone is using CBD for different reasons, so it’s important to help your customers figure out how CBD can help them with their own health issues.

2. Target Potential CBD Customers with Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) go hand in hand. You want your CBD marketing team to be able to optimize your content effectively to rank higher on Google and other search engines. Targeting specific search terms to drive organic traffic is cost effective and comes across as authentic.

SEO is the process of driving traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It is important to note that SEO is a process that takes time and patience to achieve optimal results. Planning a long-term CBD marketing strategy is essential to getting positive results.

There are many people inquiring about CBD, and you have most likely started seeing CBD-infused products in your local stores. With CBD growing, questions surrounding CBD are growing exponentially as well. You want to be the answer to all things CBD, and using SEO to reach your customers is best practice in achieving this result.

3. Stay Connected with your Customers with Email Marketing

Even though this is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, it’s a cheap and effective way to stay connected with your customers. Email marketing can be used to communicate product releases, CBD education, or promotional content. Sending deals and coupons can drive traffic to your website and improve the relationship you have with your customers.

4. Build Brand Reputation with Social Media Engagement

By engaging with your customers via social media like Instagram or Facebook, you increase your chances of attracting your target market. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and represent your brands mission and goals, plus customers like to do business with like-minded companies and share the same principals. The easiest way to show this is through social media!

Another way to reach new customers is by utilizing influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has grown over the years and is one of the simplest ways to attract your target market. If your brand wants to attract customers interested in fitness, you would need to seek out influencers that are interested in fitness, likely attracting others interested in fitness… do you see what we’re getting at?

5. Advertise CBD Online with Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Customers searching to buy CBD oil online are a prime target for Google PPC advertising. These customers are usually familiar with the benefits of CBD and have already done some research on other CBD companies.

With Google ads, you have the ability to advertise CBD oil to the right customer at the right time, getting more traffic and increase customer action. However, there are rules and regulations with running PPC ads on Google. Keep in mind, you can only advertise CBD products derived from the hemp plant and that has less than 0.3% THC.

6. Marketing Your CBD Business Online

For the best opportunity to successfully market your CBD business online, you’ll want to conduct extensive research to establish your marketing goals and stay up-to-date on current CBD legalities. The world of CBD is changing every day, so what is not allowed today might change tomorrow. Nonetheless, learning the ins and outs of online marketing for CBD can help you build the brand awareness you need and generate more opportunities for your business.

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