HOw to become a CBD distributor

How To Become A CBD Oil Distributor

If you are thinking of becoming a CBD oil distributor there are a few things you’ll want to know before you enter the industry. Since CBD is a booming industry we understand why you might want to know how you can take advantage of the demand for CBD.

Customers turn to CBD products for various reasons such as health and wellness.

Steps To Becoming A CBD Oil Distributor

1. Provide High – Quality CBD Products

If you want to be the best CBD Oil Distributor you have to know what ingredients your CBD products contain. Most importantly, since you are in the health and wellness industry providing safe and effective products is key. Additionally, it is important to become the ultimate CBD expert! At Doc Patels we have done all the research for you so we provide informational and educational material and videos. Our CBD leaders are experts in the field of cannabinoid.

Connect with us to get all the educational material you’ll need to become an expert in cannabinoid medicine!

2. Know Who You Are Selling To

Knowing your target customer is equally as important as providing high-quality CBD products. In an industry that is rapidly growing you should know your target audience and find your own niche. While it’s true that CBD benefits apply to just about everyone its beneficial to be able to focus on your niche market.

For instance some existing markets that use CBD Oil include physical therapists, chiropractors, masseuse, and health and wellness professionals. By having your target audience in mind it helps you develop and execute an effective business plan.

3. Register Your Business

Following your business plan strategy you’ll want to register your CBD oil distribution business by applying for a Seller Permit. The rules and regulations do depend on the state that you’ll be selling out of. For instance, Doc Patels is headquartered out of Illinois so if your business is working out of Illinois, you’ll want to go to the Illinois Sellers Permit for more information on obtaining a sellers permit for CBD in Illinois. If your business is headquartered elsewhere, get in touch with our team for more information on obtaining a sellers permit in other states,

4. Choose A CBD Oil Supplier

Partner with a CBD oil supplier that follows the rules and regulations of the 2018 Farm Bill. Included in the Farm Bill is that the CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC. If it contains more THC it would be considered a marijuana product which is a Schedule 1 drug. You’ll also want to choose your CBD oil supplier based on:

  • Quality of CBD
  • Quality of Service
  • Fair Pricing
  • Great Marketing Support
  • Experience in the CBD Industry

At Doc Patels our CBD lab results speak for themselves. You can find the quality of CBD in our lab results and see that our CBD products are all tested for microbiological, mycotoxins, pesticides and solvent residue. We offer insider knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else because we are backed by a team of healthcare professionals with over 12 years of experience in CBD as well as a CBD marketing team that is available to help get your CBD business started.

5. Launch Your CBD Online Store

Once you have done all your research, you’ve gotten your permit to sell CBD, and you have picked you a CBD oil supplier you can trust, it’s then time to launch your CBD online store. You will want to create an eCommerce store that works best for you and your business model. If you have done your research well you’ll know that there are legalities when it comes to selling CBD online so it’s important that you choose a web host that will allow for that.

At Doc Patels we offer easy and comprehensive educational videos and material for you if you want to become a CBD oil distributor. We are a team of CBD experts and CBD marketing experts that know the ins and outs of the industry.

Connect With Doc Patels

If you have any additional questions about becoming a CBD Oil Distributor in 2022 you can contact us today!

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