How Much CBD Should You Take Daily For Arthritis?

How Much CBD Should You Take Daily For Arthritis?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Apr 21st 2020

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Question:  Dr. Patel, for arthritis of the feet how often a day should you do the dropper with 1500 milligrams. Should you start with once a day and then increase if no help? What is the most droppers you should do in a day?

Answer: Ok so this is a good question, but I do need more information regarding your pain. I need to know the severity of your pain, the frequency of your pain, the duration of your pain, where else you you may be having pain as well. 

Okay now not knowing that information I am gonna give you some general information to go off of. Now when you have pain that's localized, that's just limited to a certain area of the body, then typically it's better to just start with  CBD topicals. Beyond that, if you're looking to use CBD internally, so that's either ingesting it, or using it under the tongue, which is using it sublingually. Then some general guidelines are that for mild pain you want to use a strength of anywhere from about 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams. For moderate pain you want to use anywhere from 750 milligrams to a thousand milligrams. And for severe pain you want to use anywhere from a thousand milligrams to 1500 milligrams. So, I hope that helps to answer your question! Ultimately what I really recommend is that you set up a consultation with me and then we can step-by-step walk through which method of administration you should use, which strength of CBD product you should use, how often you should use it, how much of it you should use, and all those details. But a lot of it is also dependent on your medical history as well!