How do I find a Wholesale CBD supplier?

How Do I Find A CBD Wholesale Supplier?

By doing a simple search on Google for a CBD wholesale supplier, you’ll find there are many to choose from. Of course, you’ll want to look for the best CBD bulk wholesaler, and in order to do so, you’ll want to consider a few important factors. If you find a supplier and move forward with wholesaling CBD oil without doing important research, you could come across several obstacles along the way. At Doc Patels, we would like to eliminate any hurdles you may have to get through!

Not all wholesale CBD suppliers are the same. The best way to determine the CBD supplier that is the right fit for your business is by taking a deep dive into their website, marketing material, and lab tests. By viewing their entire website, you can get a real feel of what they stand for and see if your values and morals align. When reviewing their marketing material, you can see if the CBD supplier is following FDA regulations. Are they making false claims about CBD? If so, you probably wouldn’t want to partner with them.

While you’re looking over the CBD supplier’s website, it’s important to notice how transparent they are about where the hemp is grown, how the hemp is grown (looking for organic growing practices), and the ingredients in the CBD products. These should all be very clear, and it shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt to find this information.

At Doc Patels, our hemp is grown in Colorado under strict organic growing practices and overseen by a team of healthcare professionals to ensure high quality and safety. More importantly, this can be verified through our third-party lab test results. In this lab results, you can locate the exact amount of CBD in all of Doc Patels CBD products. This is important because you want to purchase CBD products that will be the exact same every time. In addition, you’ll find the test results for all microbiological, mycotoxins, pesticides, solvent residue, and THC levels. Not only does Doc Patels wholesale partnership offer consistency in every product, but also safety, which is our first priority.

Now that you have narrowed down your search for a CBD wholesale partner, you’ll want to request a sample of their CBD products, which may include CBD OilCBD Cream, or CBD Softgels. Once you get these products, you should run them through your own third-party tests to verify the authenticity and quality. By doing this, you’ll determine if their products are held up to the same standards as the CBD supplier claims.

Being aware of all of these factors is important when you are looking to wholesale CBD. By verifying everything we went over, you’ll be sure to pick a CBD supplier that offers the best CBD wholesale service and aligns with your company’s mission and goals. At Doc Patels, our mission is to educate the world on the unlimited possibilities of CBD and all the ways it can be integrated into our daily lives for health and wellness. We are passionate about CBD and strive to provide the highest quality CBD possible. We are eager to create an environment and community where anyone, from healthcare professionals to everyday CBD consumers, can find trustworthy CBD products and information.

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