Does CBD Help With Severe Stenosis & Bulging Disks?

Does CBD Help With Severe Stenosis & Bulging Disks?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on May 5th 2020

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Question: I have been diagnosed with severe stenosis and bulging discs in my spine and these symptoms include pain and numbness in the lower back and legs and these symptoms have been ongoing for more than two years and therapy has been attempted as well as spinal surgery in 2013. The therapy was of some help and the spinal surgery was effected for approximately four years and my neurosurgeon is recommending CBD. 

Answer: Okay so I imagine your question is would CBD help pain and numbness related to severe stenosis and bulging discs in the spine? So I have in fact treated patients with pain and numbness that's caused by severe stenosis and bulging discs in their spine. Okay, so let's separate these two diagnoses okay. So for the patients who have severe stenosis spinal stenosis CBD alone is not effective.What's needed in addition to CBD is THC. However, when pain and numbness is attributed to just bulging discs, CBD in and of itself is effective for pain caused by the bulging discs.