Does CBD Help With Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms?

Does CBD Help With Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on May 20th 2020

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Question: Hi Dr. Patel, thank you so much for your valuable information regarding CBD oil benefits. I was wondering how the oil works for post acute withdrawal symptoms. 

Answer: Okay so for those who are not familiar with what post acute withdrawal symptoms are let's go ahead and answer that question first. So basically it's when a person who is dependent on a substance all of a sudden just stops using that substance, they have a bunch of different symptoms that they experience. Now the symptoms that the person experiences varies depending on the substance that they they abruptly stopped. And so I would need to know what specific substance you are referring to, but let's just take an example of alcohol. So when someone is dependent on alcohol and they abruptly stop taking the alcohol they can experience a range of symptoms including psychoses, hallucinations, and seizures. So overall it can be a very dangerous situation, not just for alcohol but also when a substance dependent person stops taking other substances, such as heroin or cocaine. So we're dealing with a very dangerous situation here. It's a situation that often requires emergent care and for that reason I would not recommend using CBD oils in these situations.