Do CBD Softgels For Stress Help?

Do CBD Softgels For Stress Help?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Apr 24th 2020

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Question: In this stressful time I'm finding myself drinking more frequently than usual. I have tried CBD gel capsules at 20 milligrams but it isn't a good substitute. Any ideas? Do I need a hybrid? 

Answer: So first and foremost what I would consider in your situation is what is the quality of the CBD gel capsules that you're using. So what I mean by this is that because it's an unregulated industry, there are products out there that claim that they have CBD in them but in actuality they have little to no CBD in them. So I don't know what brand you're using. Here at Doc Patel's at present time we don't offer a 20 milligram gel capsule, so I know for sure it's not a Doc Patels product. But that's the first thing you want to look into, and you can look at the laboratory test results, you can request these from the company that you purchase the CBD product from and on the laboratory test results it'll tell you how much CBD is actually in the product. So that's the first thing. The second thing is that it could be a dosing issue. It could be that 20 milligrams is just not a sufficient dose for you and that you need a higher dose.