CBD For Inflammation, Arthritis, & ADD - Does CBD Work & Does CBD Have Side Effects?

CBD For Inflammation, Arthritis, & ADD - Does CBD Work & Does CBD Have Side Effects?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Feb 13th 2020

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Question: Please address long term use of CBD and any repercussions from stopping CBD. Do you get immune to CBD and have to keep upping the dose over time? Does CBD help with ADD in children? Does CBD help arthritis and inflammation, or just the pain caused by it? Thank you so much for sharing with us!


You are welcome! Okay, so let's break your questions down, there are a couple of different questions.

Are There Any Long Term Repercussions Using CBD?

So first and foremost let's talk about the long term use of CBD and any repercussions that you may have from stopping it abruptly. When it comes to the long term use of CBD I have treated patients for years and years and I have not seen any long-term adverse effects that patients have had. There are short-term side effects that occur from taking too much CBD, and a lot of people don't know this but if you take too high of a dose you can wake up feeling tired and groggy. It's sort of that hungover feeling that you get when you've taken Benadryl for instance, or have had too much alcohol. So that's typical because you're taking too high of a dose and you know when you generally lower that dose that hungover feeling, that tired feeling that fatigued feeling goes away. That's the most common side effect. Then rarer side effects include diarrhea, and I have had a handful of patients report this. Now realize that I've treated thousands of patients and only a handful have reported that they experienced diarrhea. And finally, I haven't seen this in my patients but research shows that long-term CBD use can cause changes in weight and appetite but I haven't really seen anything clinically.

Can I Stop Using CBD Abruptly?

So that's one part of your question, so let's talk about stopping CBD abruptly. It is totally okay to do, and the reason is that CBD is fat-soluble. It gets stored in the fat cells in your body, so even if you stop taking it abruptly you still have stores of it in your fat cells that you gradually wean off of. So you're not going to go through any withdrawal symptoms from stopping CBD abruptly.

Can I Get Immune To CBD?

Now let's answer the other questions that you have, so do you get immune to it and do you have to keep upping you asked it? It is possible if you're taking too high of a strength, too high of a dose, or too high of a frequency to become immune to it. Essentially what happens is that you develop a tolerance to it and you get to a point where you start taking more and more and more and you get to a point of diminishing returns, you're not getting an effect from it anymore. In fact, you're feeling some of those side effects that I mentioned, so yes it is possible to get to that point. Now really what you're aiming for is optimal strength, optimal dose, and optimal frequency. What you're not aiming for is maximal strength, maximal dose, and maximal frequency. So the common misconception is that the more you take the better it's gonna be for you but not the case. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it's fat-soluble it's a lot like vitamin D if you think about it. There are certain vitamins that are fat-soluble, namely A, D, E, and K, and if you take too much of these vitamins it can cause side effects, it's the same with CBD. So you don't want to take too much CBD, or you know too high of a strength, too high of a dose, or too high of a Frequency.

How Does CBD Help With ADD In Children?

So I did address your question about it helping with ADD, so you know the patients will have ADHD they have similar results to the the the results that I just mentioned for patients with ADD as well. You can get a more detailed explanation on CBD for children who are diagnosed with ADHD in my other YouTube videos and blog posts. 

Does CBD Help With Arthritis And Inflammation?

Your next question is does CBD help arthritis and inflammation or just the pain caused by it? Okay so CBD in and of itself is an anti-inflammatory so it does help to reduce inflammation and by reducing the inflammation it thereby reduces the pain caused by the inflammation of arthritis.

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