Can Vaping CBD Help With Inflammation From The Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Can Vaping CBD Help With Inflammation From The Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Apr 20th 2020

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Question: Can vaporizing CBD help with COVID-19 inflammation?

Answer: Okay, so while there's plenty of evidence that shows that cannabinoids like CBD and THC have anti inflammatory properties, I generally do not advise patients to use cannabinoids in any method of administration to treat inflammation associated with the lungs. I especially don't advise them to use vaporization as a method to treat lung inflammation. The reason being that it's an unregulated industry. As you may recall very recently over the past year in 2019 we had a scare that vape oils contained contaminants like vitamin E acetate and mineral oil which ended up doing damage to the user's lungs and ultimately in many cases led to their demise.

Now with COVID-19, coronavirus, it's a virus that we're very slowly learning more and more about what we do know is that it does cause damage to the lungs in the form of pneumonia and respiratory failure. So I would not recommend putting a product that's unregulated that has had a history of having contaminants that cause damage to the lungs, and combining it with a virus which we at this point are very slowly learning more and more about that also has the potential to cause damage to the lungs. So overall I do not recommend utilizing CBD vaporization for any sort of treatment associated with covert coronavirus.

For more information pertaining to the coronavirus (COVID-19) please go to The Center For Disease Control and Prevention.

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