Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Feb 26th 2020

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Question: My husband has cancer and is currently taking a dropper three milligrams three times a day, is this the correct amount? And then I followed up to ask what's the intended use for? And she said to cure the cancer. Okay so this is a question that I get a lot, does CBD cure cancer?

Answer: What I typically tell patients is okay let me tell you what the research says, and then let me tell you what I've seen clinically.

In terms of research, there's research mainly on animal models and in Petri dishes. So they're studying cancerous cells in Petri dishes or in test tubes or they're studying cancer cells in mice or rats mainly. In this research, it does show, that there may be some evidence that cannabinoids have anti-cancer properties. I am not claiming the research shows that it cures or treats, but many have anti-cancer properties.

Now what have I seen play out clinically? I've certainly had patients with cancer come to me, I have not treated or I'm not going to claim that I even cured them with cannabinoids. But typically they come to me because they're struggling with appetite, they're struggling with nausea, with vomiting and they're struggling with pain post-chemo.

So these patients I do recommend cannabinoids to. For the pain, it's typically high CBD products. For the loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting it's typically high THC products. But at the same time, have these patients reported any changes in cancer itself? They have not. There are tons and tons of patients that have come to me. So that's something important I want you to know. There is a lot of misinformation out there and as a physician, I have taken an oath to do no harm. So I am not going to misinform you and I don't want to get your hopes up falsely so here's what I'm going to tell you. It's almost like you're putting your eggs in one basket you're putting your hopes into this one thing where we may or may not know what effect, we don't know what concrete effect it has on cancer itself. Whereas with chemo there are actually numbers, to show one way or another, and there are certain chemotherapy treatments where they're able to minimize side effects and actually help treat cancers.

I have no problem with patients getting chemo and using cannabinoids in conjunction with the chemo, I've no problem with that. But to really put all your hope in this one thing where we don't have concrete data for something like cancer, where you're putting your life at risk, that's something I'm not in favor of. And this I say being the C. E. O. of a  CBD company now, so clearly I take my oath very seriously. 

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