4 Ways to Become a Doc Patels Partner

4 Ways to Become a Doc Patels Partner

Posted by Zero Friction Marketing on Apr 16th 2020

If you are interested in partnering with a CBD Distributor; whether you are starting your own CBD company or you’re looking to add a variety of CBD products to your existing CBD business, Doc Patels offers a CBD program for every option. We offer numerous avenues that allow you to benefit from the growing CBD industry.

The current programs we offer include a healthcare professional affiliate program, white-label/private label program, a brand ambassador program, and a wholesale program. No matter your business goals, we have a CBD program that will work for you. Becoming a Doc Patels partner is simple, and we make the onboarding process easy!

Doc Patels Healthcare Professionals Affiliate CBD Program

If you are in the medical field and you are interested in recommending a trustworthy brand of CBD products, then partnering with Doc Patels Healthcare Professionals Affiliate Program would be the best option for you.

Many healthcare professionals just like yourself are turning to other ways they can invest and grow their career. By investing in CBD, you are able to have another pathway of income. During times of uncertainty, you can rest assured that you’ll have a source of revenue.

Applying to be a part of the Healthcare Professionals Affiliate Program is simple. Once you fill out an application, we will review your license to be approved, then you’ll pay a one-time enrollment fee of $47 so that you can gain access to all of the support and training you’ll need. The program benefits are abundant.

To inquire about this program, you can contact us today and we can give you all the information you need.

Doc Patels White Label / Private Label CBD Program

Our CBD White Label Program is unlike any other white label program you can find. We offer everything you need to start a CBD business.

In this partner program, we offer CBD products that have passed all microbiological, mycotoxin, pesticide, and solvent residue tests. This is crucial for your CBD business because you always want to provide the safest and most consistent products in the market. Every product is scrutinized to the highest degree by trained and licensed healthcare professionals so you’ll know what CBD products you’ll be getting every time.

Secondly, you’ll have access to a full-service CBD marketing team that is able to assist with custom CBD logo design and custom CBD packaging design. Our team of CBD marketing specialists are experienced in the CBD industry and they know exactly how to market your product so you have a successful business.

Whether you are a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a masseur, or just an entrepreneur ready to take advantage of the growing CBD industry, we offer everything you’ll need from seed to shelf. Inquire about our CBD white label program today to find out more about starting your own CBD business and offering products you can trust.

Doc Patels Brand Ambassador Program

Becoming a part of our CBD Brand Ambassador Program is a great way to start earning a little bit of extra money. If you have enjoyed Doc Patels CBD products and you want to start recommending them to your friends and family or social media following, you can do so by partnering as a brand ambassador.

We want you to recommend products you can trust and that you have enjoyed using, and we know you’ll find that with our program. The process is simple. You start by registering online and you’ll be sent an email with your login information as well as a unique link. That it! Start sharing your unique link and start earning some extra cash.

To become a CBD brand ambassador, connect with Doc Patels today and start earning instantly!

Doc Patels Wholesale Program

Partnering with Doc Patels CBD Wholesale Program provides an abundant amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and businesses that are interesting in selling CBD.

Partnering with our CBD Wholesale Program gives you peace of mind that you are offering products through your business that are trusted by healthcare professionals, and you’ll never have to worry about safety, quality, or consistency. You have full access to lab results on all of our CBD products which means you can start earning money and have repeat customers to grow your business.

To view more benefits of Doc Patels CBD Wholesale program connect with us today and apply!

Why partner with Doc Patels?

Each of our programs offer unique benefits. Overall, Doc Patels partnership programs offer:

  • High Quality Broad Spectrum CBD Products
  • 0.00% THC CBD Products
  • Variety of CBD Products to Choose From
  • Team of Healthcare Professionals
  • Lab Testing
  • Custom CBD Labeling & Logo Service
  • Custom CBD Packaging Service
  • CBD Marketing Team
  • Competitive Pricing Offers
  • CBD Insider Knowledge

We understand picking which program is best for you can be overwhelming if you’re still new to the CBD industry. You can contact us today to get in touch with one of our specialists, and we will walk you through our various CBD partnership programs.