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CBD for Restaurants & Bars

Add CBD infused inspiration into your menu and cocktails!

Getting CBD infused in your menu or cocktail list has several benefits that can add profit and value to your business. By adding CBD oil to a drink or food menu item, you can increase the price by $1-$6 per dose. 

Restaurants and bars all over the United States are looking for different ways to use CBD in their business. Another method can be through providing it as a cream or lotion for customers. Some restaurants provide products such as facial wipes, make-up, perfume and more in their restrooms. Now that CBD has become the newest trend you can start incorporating CBD infused cream or lotion into the mix of products you offer to your customers. 

If you are wondering how to add more value and profit to your bar or restaurant through the use of CBD, you can contact us to inquire more about sourcing CBD for your business through one of our partnership programs—a Wholesale CBD Partnership or a Private Label CBD Partnership

We have a no minimum order requirement so if you’re not sure how to get started our specialists can help!

Interested in CBD for your Restaurant & Bar?

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