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CBD for Breweries

The Next Big Thing in the Brewery Scene – CBD Beer

When you make your way inside a brewery, you may notice CBD-infused beer is a common option for customers. If you’re wondering if CBD beer is the next big thing in the brewery scene, you’re right! CBD is a type of cannabinoid that is found in hemp and cannabis strains that is shown to provide a different experience than when you would drink a regular beer without CBD. When you infuse CBD in beer, the combination of beer and CBD brings a stronger level of mellow sensation. CBD-infused beer has become an international craze overseas and is making its way to the United States brewery market. Whether you own a microbrewery or a taproom brewery looking to expand your beer menu, our team can help get you there with CBD infused beer.


You can partner with Doc Patels and choose from various CBD programs that can work for your brewery when it comes to incorporating CBD into your business. Whether you are looking for the best CBD private label company or the best quality CBD wholesale company, we can get your started. Our programs include no minimum orders necessary, a large product selection, and many more benefits you can take advantage of as a business owner.

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