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On-Demand Dropshipping & Fulfillment Program

Start selling your own branded CBD products right away with no upfront investment, no minimum orders and no hassle.

Have a new eCommerce website? Want to add CBD products to your lineup but not sure which ones will be popular with your customers? Doc Patels has the answer—Our On-Demand Dropshipping & Fulfillment Program.

You can carry a wide range of CBD options on your websitedifferent products, strengths, sizes, etc.—all with your own brand and label and without having to invest in a bunch of inventory to get started.

Labels and Product Branding

You can either provide your own labels or have us create them for you.

If you decide to provide labels, we give you the label dimensions for each product you choose to sell. Then you simply send us the labels you want to use for each product. We store your labels and apply them as orders come in. If you choose this option, there is no charge for labels.

If you want us to create the labels, just send us the logo you want on your labels. You can choose from three different styles of label. We then design and print the labels for you.

Product Images and Descriptions for your Website

Start by choosing which products you want to sell, which strengths, what sizes, etc. You can choose from any products sold on the Doc Patels website.

Once you’ve decided what products to sell, you can either create your own website graphics or have us create them for you. Here are the options:

DIY Option—FREE 

  • We provide electronic images of blank packaging along with product descriptions
  • You can use Photoshop or other popular graphics programs to overlay images of your branded labels
  • Upload to your website and get started.

Graphics Package—$50 per SKU

  • We do all the work for you. We create electronic images of your branded labels, add them to each product SKU you want to sell and then send you the finished files.
  • Simply upload these to your website and start selling!


We provide the Suggested Retail Price for each product SKU. However, pricing is up to you. Some Private Label partners use our suggested prices, others charge slightly less, to provide greater value to their customers.

Placing Orders and Order Fulfillment

As orders come in through your website, simply forward them to the Doc Patels Customer Service email. You will receive an email acknowledgement within a few hours or on Monday morning if the order comes in over the weekend.

We fulfill orders within 48 hours of receipt.

Handling and Shipping Charges:

  • $4.95 per order handling fee, plus cost of shipping.
  • Standard orders are shipped via USPS First Class
  • We can also provide custom quotes for overnight and 2-day shipping requests

Payment and Reporting

We keep a credit card on file for you and bill you as orders come in.

You will receive a monthly billing statement by email, showing how many orders you shipped and other details of your transactions.

Automating the Process

Looking to fully automate your fulfillment process? Consider this hands-off option as your brand grows and more orders are being placed.

If you're interested in getting in contact with our team for more information, just fill out the form below!

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